Tangshan Jiasun Import and Export Co., Ltd was set up in Aug. 2013. With 8 years of work, more than 70 countries have our products.
Tangshan Jiasun Import and Export Co., Ltd is a trade and manufacturer combo. It was set up by Yutian Juxing Printing & Packaging Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (flute laminator and corrugated sheet die-cutting machine), Yutian Sanli Machinery Co., Ltd. (rigid box making machine) and Tangshan Jiajie Printing & Packaging Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd(corrugated sheet folder gluer, gluer + sticher) with two contracted manufacturers- Yutian Tianjiao (creasing matrix) and Shengjing ( ordinary speed flute laminator and five-ply flute laminator)
Our target is to use Our good products which can be in line with market demand and bring extra value-adding, Our high quality which will be fit for the requirement of the Chinese Industry-standard and international industry-standard products; Our best price which will be Factory Direct Price, plus our Fast Response; Fast Action and Fast Services, as a media to find a match point for our new and old friends all over the world.
Our duty is honesty and pragmatism; Our aim is cooperation and win-win.
Automatic flute laminator, automatic die-cutting and creasing machine, automatic folder gluer and stitching machine, automatic gift box making machine, printing machine and materials.
Printing and packaging factory

Turkey, Iran, South Korea, Egypt, Malaysia, Vietnam, Mexico, Russia, Italy, the United States, India, Thailand, Myanmar, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Singapore, Colombia, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Sudan, Finland, Poland, Greece, Germany, UK, Portuguesa ...
Our hard-working and brilliant team can be providing you with: Better consultant for single or whole factory set-up guidance; Professional service; and faster response to customer after-sales service and requirements.Buy discount Cardboard Laminator