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14 (fourteen) is a natural number following 13 and succeeded by 15.

In relation to the word "four" (4), 14 is spelled "fourteen".

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14 (fourteen) is a natural number following 13 and succeeded by 15.

In relation to the word "four" (4), 14 is spelled "fourteen".

In mathematics[edit]

{\displaystyle \sum _{i=1}^{n}{\frac {x_{i}}{x_{i+1}+x_{i+2}}}{\frac {n}{2}}}

where xn + 1 = x1xn + 2 = x2.

  • There are fourteen possible Bravais lattices that fill three-dimensional space.

In science[edit]



In religion and mythology[edit]


Abraham to David, fourteen from David to the exile to Babylon, and fourteen from the exile to the Messiah". (Matthew 1, 17)




The number of pieces the body of Osiris was torn into by his fratricidal brother Set.

The number of sacrificial victims of the Minotaur.

Age 14[edit]

  • 14 is the earliest age that the emancipation of minors can occur in the U.S.
  • Minimum age a person can purchase, rent, or buy tickets to a 14A rated movie in Canada without an adult. Ratings are provincial, so ratings may vary. A movie can be 14A in one or some provinces and PG in other provinces. A movie can also be rated 14A in one or some provinces and 18A in other provinces. Quebec has a different rating system for films.
  • Youngest age in Canada a person can watch a 14+ rated show without consent from a legal guardian.
  • The U.S. TV Parental Guidelines has a rating called "TV-14" which strongly recommends parental guidance for children under the age of fourteen watching the program.
  • Minimum age at which one can view, rent, purchase, or buy tickets to an 18A rated movie with an accompanying adult in the Canadian provinces of the Maritimes and Manitoba.
  • Minimum age at which one can work in many U.S states. Parental consent may be required, depending on the state.
  • Minimum age at which one can drive a vehicle in the U.S. with a driver's license (with the supervision of an adult over 18 years of age, and with a valid, unmarked driver's license, and at least 365 days of experience driving an actual automobile)
  • The minimum age limit to drive a 50cc motorbike in Italy.
  • The most common age of criminal responsibility in Europe.[6]
  • In some countries, it is the age of sexual consent.

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