Referral Terms

Our Referrals Campaign will be expire in 2024/02/30 .

How much rupee for Referral?

Sathi Haru user get Rs 5 for per Referral.

Sathi Haru Referral

Is genuine Referral user required?

Validated Email(Active) ID Referral will be acceptable

Yes, Our Technical Team will check Referral user so it is required for us.

How long it takes time to transfer a referral amount to your account?

It usually takes between 2-7 days to transfer amount according to valid user .

Is same user from different account can withdraw a money?

No,This type of activity will not be acceptable.


1. Creating a bot Referral user from any tools will not be acceptable, In ,this case id will be permanently banned.

2.We are not able to payout your referral amount in Holidays