Reward Points

Last Modified:-2079-01-02
Last Updated:2079-02-08
New Modification:-2079-02-27
We have found that many users are not following our Reward point terms and conditions. That's why we are stopping our point system from today. But affiliate system will remains same. And, if users have following our terms seriously they will get their earn money too an also able to withdraw fund.
Reward point is the value given to Sathi Haru users for posting, commenting, reacting, blog writing on Sathi Haru Website/App. The more you comment,react,post,writing blog, the more points you can collect in your account. These points can be redeemed for real money.You can withdraw this money to Esewa/Khalti account

Terms and Condition for Reward Points Reedem

1.You must have been member of Sathi Haru

2. You must have been posted more than 10 post/week

2. 1 Sharing a link in a post is not counted as a point

( New)

2. 2 Copying content from other site is restricted

( New)

2. 3 Shared content point will not be added

( New)

3. No repeated post ,unsense post and comment for points will be added

4. Blog should be informative

4.1 Title Should be clear in English and Nepali language

4.2 Description and Content should be informative and alteast of 500-5000 words in English and
Nepali language will be accepted

How long it takes time to redeemed a point to your account?

It takes between 2-7 days to transfer according to your match details and your point review.

How much rupee for Referral?

Sathi Haru user get Rs 5 for per Referral.

Is genuine Referral user required?

Yes,Our Technical Team will check Referral user so it is required for us.

One ID for One IP Referral will be acceptable

Creating a bot Referral user from any tools will not be acceptable, this case id permanent ban.

Is Sathi Haru User Account Name and Bank/Wallet Account Name needs to match to withdraw ?

Yes ,It is required to match

Is User needs to uploaded his clear profile picture?

Yes ,It is required for payment and user confirmation purpose

Is same user from different account can withdraw a money?

No,This type of activity will not be acceptable.

Can we withdrawal Referral money to bank/wallet?

Yes ,You can withdrawal Referral Money in Esewa Wallet or Bank too,

Is there is any limit for point?

Yes ,There is a limit on comment,blog,post,react where normal user can earn only up to 5000 points per/day whereas Pro User can Earn 10000 points Per/day

Note: If you are not following our reward point terms then We will not be responsible for your reason.